Recycle Right Repositionable Label Letter

Recycle Right Repositionable Label Letter

Repositionable Label Letters

Years ago we used to be able to provide a letter with an integrated magnet, which were able to be used on metal surfaces only and were not very environmentally friendly.

We were asked by a client to develop a product where they could post out a letter, but to contain a label as part of the letter, but they needed the labels to be personalized with a unique QR code and to enable the label to have a customers name and reference numbers printed onto them via a laser printer.

We then developed our linerless repositionable label form. An A4 letter, with a built in sticker that not only can be personalized through a laser printer, but can adhere to a range of different surfaces, fridges, windows, cupboard doors, boilers but can also be repositioned. See our explainer video:

This form is being used for a wide range of applications for a wide range of customers, using them for marketing applications/awareness as well as utility/handy reminder labels.

Many Councils have explained how difficult it can be to keep their residents updated with the latest recycling changes, and about what goes in which bin.

We have developed a linerless ‘recycle right’ repositionable label, that we can print and post to a resident on behalf of a council, and the resident could peel the label off the letter, and apply the label to their kitchen cupboard door, or a window or a fridge door, to keep recycling information in front of them, with a handy reminder of what goes in what bin. We have also built a QR code on to the front of the label and we encourage the resident (within the letter) to scan the QR code on a regular basis to receive regular recycling updates. This can be used for collection timetable changes/ or if eg you no longer require batteries to be put in x bins, and we can even print a unique QR code to each label and you would then be able to obtain statistical data on which properties had interacted/scanned the QR codes. Please see our example: