Garden Waste Portal

Garden Waste Portal

Permit Portal

We provide permits for Councils and Local Authorities, personalisable through laser printers and posted out directly to residents from our secure portal.

We have a portal tailored to help Councils monitor their garden waste permits.

Councils simply log in to the portal, and have an option to upload their weekly or daily files manually or via an API, and we post the permit out to the resident direct on behalf of the Council.

We also work with some Councils and mailing houses that prefer to order plain stock from us and have the option to print the permits themselves in house.

Our portal offers the following:

  1. Upload Permits, Search Permits, Manually Add Permits, Analysis
  2. Permit Search – Search using ID, Permit Address, UPRN, File Name, Part address, (part postcode, area etc).
  3. Download CSV – allowing access to download your data (Power User only)
  4. Permit Search Filters – Select State (Ready to Print, Spooling, printed, packing, Despatched, Isolated and Replaced) Select Active or Cancelled. Select Permit Type. Select Replacements. Select Expiry date. Select Replacement reason (Bin replaced, damaged, not received etc.).
  5. Add Permits – Allows manual entry and to upload files
  6. Print Queue – allows us to check if we can get a permit pulled before it is fully printed and how many we are waiting on going through the print stage.
  7. Analysis – Full breakdown of stats, charts, numbers, reasons, dates, monthly comparisons
  8. API – Our portal can receive API feeds
  9. Contact – quick way of reporting any system errors and an Isolation  Area – For you to monitor and decide if additional permits are to be posted back out to residents and an area to enter the reason.
  10. Edit profile and Users – timed and tracked so you know exactly who has accessed these files and what their roles and standard or Power users depending on responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide graphical or text statistics to show how many permits had been sent out in a set period.

Yes, the council can input the reason for a replacement and can even simply click to raise a replacement sticker permit to be sent out to that resident directly from the portal.

Yes we can accept API feed directly into our portal usually either directly from a Council or from their incab partner.

Yes we work directly with Incab providers such as Bartec and would be happy to introduce you to them.

Yes we offer environmentally linerless, tamper evident Car Parking permits too, that can also be used with the portal.


 Please see an example of our Enviropermit car parking permit: